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This video is called “do yourself a favor and watch this kitten attacking a ceramic cat” and it’s a very apt title

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Ten Germans try to say the word “Squirrel”

This made my night.

ahhh this is really cute


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sorry but im like genuinely distressed by the existence of the 50 shades of grey movie i dont want this shit to exist im furious that there has to be another goddamn fucking trash piece of media that’s being released in cinemas and widely discussed about a powerful sexually dominant cishet white dude controlling a weak woman who is powerless to his charm and wit and his sexual abuse! and not to mention normalising abusive and creepy relationships like i just dont want girls to grow up thinking this is okay and it’s really fucking upsetting 

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this is the exact life i want in this world

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You can totally tell when a stranger is looking at your thighs and that’s why I hate wearing short clothes

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Title: Crocodile Chop
Artist: Neil Cicierega
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they are holding hands!!

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Title: I've done it
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